Picture Us Perfect will provide diverse and custom production set ups. We will bring in and build any design you may need to make your event the exact image you have been dreaming of. With everything from furniture to custom curtain alcoves made with pipe and drape, we will make your space look entirely unique.

Lounge Décor is a new creative way for your family and friends to relax. We have couches, cabanas, cubbies and LED glow cubes and much more that could be customize for your special occasion.

Picture Us Perfect offers a wide range of photo favors packages. We can provide traditional photo favors with a studio style backdrop or custom themed photo favors unlike any that you have seen and everything in between. The green screen options allows your guests to choose their own background from a large customizable selection. We also offer custom photo borders and fun frames. Picture Us Perfect can customize your backdrop to fit your event perfectly.

Every photo booth set up we create is designed with your needs in mind. You have a few choices for your party depending on your ideas. You can choose a green screen, which is great for having a wide array of backgrounds available to your guests. Should you go with a studio backdrop, your pictures will come with a set , solid colored background. Custom step and repeat backgrounds are also available to you; we will design the images put on the screen with your approval. 

Picture Us Perfect can provide games to enhance any party. The "Pop-a-Shot" games add excitement to any basket ball themed event! Both kids and adults enjoy participating in games such as Air Hockey, Foosball, Video Games, Billiards and Ping Pong to name a few. Just let us know what you are interested in and we will take care of it!

Velvet ropes are a great addition to every event. They bring that red carpet Hollywood feel to your special occasion. Velvet ropes and carpets can be customized to the size and space of the venue where your party is located.

Picture Us Perfect can create a custom montage for your event. A montage is a great way to remember all your wonderful memories. This video will enable you to share these moments with all your guests to truly add the perfect personal touch to your event. The montage process begins either selecting 60 to 80 images and 3 songs that are meaningful to you, which averages between 9 and 12 minutes in length, or a photo loop where we would present all the photos and logos throughout the event. Once we receive the images and convert any hard copies into a digital format, we create a fun photo display with transitions and effects.

Picture Us Perfect offers several different types of screens and projection options. The front projection can be used for presentations such as a montage. We also offer rear projection and LCD screens. These can both be used through out your party for various visual displays including custom video graphics, animated logos, candid photos, live feed, and music videos. The live feed is video that is streamed straight from our videographer onto the screens. This screen option allows your guests to easily view all of your special moments during the entire party.